EasyStore Merchant Stories: Hwoofit

By Amirul Mokhtar · 14th November, 2016

EasyStore Merchant Stories: Hwoofit | EasyStore

Hwoofit - Fashion Sports Wear hwoofit.com

" Choose the thing you are passionate about"

Janson Tan

Owner, Hwoofit

Tell us a bit about your business and what is your story: How did you get started and decide on what to sell?

It all happened a few years back when we started to join the gym and so we were thinking of owning a good set of training outfits beforehand. When we went out to look for it in the market, we found that it is somewhat 'pricy' and we couldn't afford to get more than one or two. The materials and designs available are mostly all the same, making it lack of any specialty. We believe that a great outfit can raise self-confidence. Therefore, we were thinking instead of buying it from the market, why don't we just sell our own? At that moment we came across the idea of selling trendy and quality sport wears online. That’s when “Hwoofit” was founded with the slogan --- “You Can Train in Fashionable Way”.

How did you make your first sales? Which channels are now generating the most traffic and sales for you?

Before setting up our website, we only publish our products on our Facebook page and using the Facebook 'Boost Post' feature to advertise the products. Slowly, we were getting serious on our business after generating unexpected revenues. We wanted to seem more trustworthy to our customers, so we decided to register the business under Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM). After being registered, our business can run in a legal way. From then onwards, we started to advertise our sport wears through online market platforms like Lazada, 11street, Carousell, Shopee and Mudah. It did show better results but sadly to say, we had to sell our products at a higher price because most of the platform do charge 10% commission on each item sold. This have violated our first intention --- affordable. Therefore, we thought of developing our own website and have been searching for a platform which can allow us to create our own website. That’s when saw EasyStore on Facebook. We knew it will be a good investment for our business and it turned out good and did not disappoint us.

Tell us about how EasyStore helps your business. What tools and apps do you find most useful?

Easystore provide the services for sellers to setup their e-commerce platform in a very easy manner. Click and Drag are all we need to design our own website. In fact, I found that all the apps and tools are equally useful as we implemented most of them into our website to help us perform better.

What advice do you have for those who are new to ecommerce or planning to start selling online?

In my humble opinion, you should choose the things you are passionate about for selling your products or services. This is because starting up an e-commerce business is very difficult in the first place, in which you most probably are the one and ONLY one super-worker for your business. Therefore, choosing something you love the most can help a lot in reducing the startup difficulty as you have the knowledge, passion and patience about it. Let’s get started now! Good Luck!