Simplifying GST with EasyStore!

By June Sim · 13th April, 2015

Simplifying GST with EasyStore! | EasyStore
Suffering on GST? Whether you're on the buying or selling end, everyone has been affected by the implementation of GST since the 1st of April 2015. Even as an online seller or online business owner, you are affected by the implementation. So ask yourself, is your online business prepared for GST?
Herewith is the basic concept of GST in Ecommerce:
We are trying to give you more information on how GST will affect Ecommerce and also provide  you with the best solution in facing the implementation.
The Royal Malaysian Customs has already issued a booklet which provides in-depth guide on the implementation of GST. In the booklet you will be able to find informative content and explanations on what are the effect of GST on Ecommerce.  Download "Guide of Ecommerce" Booklet
If that's not enough, EasyStore has also organised a GST's Workshop for you. We have invited an expert from to share more knowledge and insights of GST in Ecommerce to you. It is free for all EasyStore's Paid Merchants and only RM10 for public. Register Now:
Beside learning how GST affects you as an Ecommerce business owner, online sellers should also have a GST ready system to help you with the GST calculation on your products and services.
EasyStore will be providing a built-in GST calculation system for our merchants to help them with the this process. also, have a look at this article GST In Malaysia – Are you Ready?
it's a good read,  if you haven't seen it before!