The Upgrades of Customers Management Tab in Your Admin Panel

By Max · 26th August, 2019

The Upgrades of Customers Management Tab in Your Admin Panel | EasyStore

We have always committed ourselves to help you build your business and brand by providing you the tools and features to do it. However, we do not only want to simply help you do it, but we also want to help you do it better than everyone else. 

I’m sure, very sure, that you know how important it is to build a relationship between you and your customers. From reaching out to your audiences to find your target customers, then, building and maintaining the relationship with them.

In this quarter, besides enhancing Lazada Malaysia app, we have also done some enhancements to Customer management in your admin panel. Let's take a look. 

1) Auto-calculate Next Birthday And Zodiac

It is agreeable that the more data you have, the better you can scale your business. In this update, we have included the birthday section as an addition to your customers' data. The system will also auto calculate the zodiac sign for particular customers based on their birthday.

2) Removed Profile Photo Uploaded From Admin Panel

In this update, you will not be able to change in the profile photo in your customers' place, only your customers will be able to change their own profile photo for their account. 

3) Show The Next Birthday Males/Females

Your customers next birthday will now be shown in the list in your admin panel, we also added the gender of your customers. These will give you the insight to plan for targeted marketing in the future. 

4) Phone Number in International Format

Besides, the phone number added will now be in international format. No matter which country of phone numbers added, it will auto-generate into the international format for better tracking. 

5) View Customer's Address In Google Map

Another addition to the customers' details is Google Map. You can now view the Google Map based on the address your customers provide to you. 

6) Auto address line 1&2 formatting

We have also improved the address line into 1&2 formatting. The new formatting will provide a clearer address line for your reference. 

7) Display “Bought items” By Each Customer

Better understand your customer by browsing through their bought items from you. This new section will display the previous most bought items in your store so that you know what is the product to target them in the future. 

8) Rearrange Chinese Name Sequence

Now, the Chinese name sequence will be arranged with the first name at the front, and last name at the back. 

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