Things To Do Before You Launch Your Online Store

By Amirul Mokhtar · 19th November, 2015

Things To Do Before You Launch Your Online Store | EasyStore

Getting ready to open for business..

You finally found a product to sell online and you've carefully evaluated the product and found your supplier. So you've already uploaded products to your store, set up payment, set up shipping, and your storefront looks stunning. Now you are ready to get your first sales. 
To make a grand impact for your launch, you need to do the following:
1. Get your social networks ready
  • Make sure that your social media profile is complete
  • Integrate social media with your online store. Easystore provide easy integrations to your social media acounts such as Facebook store
2. Build your email list
  • Create email list using Mailchimp
  • Set up pop up banner that ask to subscribe to your email list
  • Provide voucher code discount to encourage sign ups
3. Install Google Analytics and submit your site via Google Search Console
  • Just copy & paste using Easystore Google Tools
  • Communicate with Google by submitting your sitemap
4. Sync to e-marketplace
  • Get more exposure with the high traffic of 11street and easymall
  • 11street is a high growing marketplace that is expected to hit 14 million ready buyers
5. Start driving traffic to your store!

Need more tools to start getting sales?Easystore has just the right plan for your business