Big Sale on Black Friday

By Fadila Aziz · 24th November, 2014

Big Sale on Black Friday | EasyStore
Big sale just a around the corner, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However let focus on Black Friday. Black Friday is the Friday before thanksgiving day. All stock must go at lower price; this is what people understand when talked about black Friday.
Malaysia start participate on this big day , even Malaysia bank start prepare their website for this big sale. Discount or price mark down a much better than end year sale. When it comes to Black Friday, the power of the Internet is undeniable, which is why you should take advantage of online and mobile marketing in the days and weeks before.
Let take a look below guides to prepare a promotion for this big day:
 #Deliver marketing directly to email inboxes. 
 Buzz you customer about promotion that you have for this big day through newsletter. You customer may aware about it but they might not aware you joining it also. Tell them proudly what promotion you have, more cheaper is better because that what Black Friday all about!. Mark down your price to get more repeat customer in future.
# Use hashtags (#).
 Maximize the power of social media by offering coupons, discounts or Black Friday deal reveals to your Facebook fans , twitter and instagram follower. You can also use hashtags, such as “#blackfriday,” or join any hashtag available, to help you gain exposure about your offer. As for the posting itself, engage lots picture, interactive slogan to attract and capture customer attention.
# Optimize your mobile site.
Once you have prepared your email and social media accounts, it’s time for you to prepare you website also. Always remember there is NO room for mistake on Black Friday, each second and traffic is count. You should make you deal obviously attractive from website version and mobile version. It’s always advantage if you have mobile version to offer. As mobile is not an option nowadays, it’s compulsory in our daily life. As merchant you cannot expect your customer to sit in front laptop all the time on the big day, that main reason you should provide something which is on the go.
# Build expectations. 
Stand out from your competitor,by offering selected items for just 9 cents for one hour, at different time slots of the day. (e.g. from 9-10am, then another one at 3-4pm). This way, you will have a HUGE traffic for the deals you put up on sale. Build anticipation by adding a Black Friday countdown clock to your website. Create excitement by have sneak peek of the deals. It’s does not matter either you small or big player under online industries , always maximize any event that will benefit you at end of the day.