How C&L Collections Expands to 3 Countries using EasyStore

By Yavini Lucille · 18th August, 2021

How C&L Collections Expands to 3 Countries using EasyStore | EasyStore

It began in the trip. Then on the street of a hot place. Then the accessories shop with full of visitors. When Richard were in the midst of his South Korea family trip, his sister turned to him. "It's the right time now," she said, "let's open our own online business with this."

With EasyStore, C&L Collections has enjoyed:

✅80% sales growth

✅Orders sold in more than 3 different currencies

✅Orders from Shopee and online store now representing 71% of total revenue 

The Challenge

In 2017, C&L Collections was born on EasyStore. It had to itself a founder with a work ethic that was unmistakable. In the building of this business, Richard would routinely log 16–18-hour days.

Before it grew far and wide, C&L Collections was truly a family enterprise. 

At the heart of it all was Richard and his sister, whose expertise on affordable fashion was driving a business that grew soon outside the expectations of even her own close-knit family. As 2016 churned on, so did C&L Collections, bursting at the seams of its home market and eager to more readily expand past in Malaysia.

It began to scale further, and as its customer base broadened and its internal logistics became more complex, C&L Collections had company strategy top of mind. There were new products to roll out, new geographies to conquer. What C&L Collections had no room for was technology squabbles or a platform that could not deliver. It was time for a move in its ecommerce platform.

If we didn’t have access to this kind of technology, our jobs wouldn’t really exist. Just day to day, everything revolves around EasyStore for our business. 


CEO, C&L Collections

The Solution

Before the end of 2017, C&L Collections moved to EasyStore. There were a number of benefits it achieved in the move: the capacity to add unlimited staff accounts, to ability to use EasyStore Product for ecommerce automation items like auto-update the order status.

We’re expanding into Asia like Singapore, and also we’re growing our presence in Malaysia. Having EasyStore and that scale has allowed us to easily tap into those markets.


CEO, C&L Collections

The company began to market itself more aggressively across the world. First in Malaysia, where it found hosts of eager shoppers. Then the company looked deeper toward the horizon, connecting with consumers in the Singapore, soon ramping up its social media presence even further abroad, in Asia.

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