How This Local Café Achieve 400% Sales Boost during MCO

By Vincent Leong · 15th November, 2021

How This Local Café Achieve 400% Sales Boost during MCO | EasyStore

For almost decade in food & beverages and handmade merchandises industry, RC Deaf Missions Malaysia has been providing career opportunities to several Deaf persons to empower Deaf persons through various opportunities. Plus, adding value in influencing a change in the mindsets about the capabilities of Deaf persons.

Unfortunately in 2020, the business faced a difficult situation when COVID-19 hit, which had limited their operations as they were highly depending on walk-ins before the pandemic.

In 2021, the business began to build it online presence, and made ecommerce its sole focus. Starting out with a small team, RC Deaf Missions Malaysia joined EasyStore and launched its online store that is easily accessible by the shopper and simple for staff to manage.

With EasyStore, RC Deaf Missions Malaysia has enjoyed:

✅Pain-less commerce: Streamlined digital transactions

✅Create and launch a profitable online store within a week

✅Achieved 5-figure sales within months since the launch of online store

The Challenges

In March 2020, as the impact of COVID-19 became apparent, RC Deaf Missions Malaysia found that consumers were struggling to access its products as getting to physical stores became more difficult for some.

Some more, their business was mainly depends on walk-ins for over decades. They need manually place order and could not afford to spend time or treasure worrying about the technology underpinning its business. They have been existed for 15 years but not yet have the chance to explore ecommerce before the pandemic.

Lack of IT expertise 

  • Technical skill shortages were holding them back from pursuing transformation with limited budget.

Dine-in was prohibited 

  • Not getting any walk-in during the pandemic due to movement restriction to mitigate COVID 19 resulted in big losses as their income source is mainly generated from dine-ins.

"When we don't have dine-ins, when we don't have enough online order, the eventual that could happen, which is to shut the whole operation down. And the beauty of what we had here of empowering deaf people to shine, will go." 

~ Agnes Peter, RCDM Malaysia Co-founder 

The Solutions

RC Deaf Missions Malaysia going digital! With the help of World of Buzz, complimented by EasyStore in making this happen for developing an online store and Whatsapp Order Form that make their products available online.

On 7th May their website is launched to offer offered various products, from food and beverages, to handcraft merchandises. Not just selling handcraft merchandises within Klang Valley, they have widen their market across whole Malaysia by selling online.

By meeting these key criterias in terms of stability, simplicity, and ease of use, EasyStore is the platform choice for the business

Setup within 3 days

  • Only three days to set up their only store that equipped with complete payment and logistic solution.

Easy stock and order management

  • Track and sync inventory and sales automatically. Besides, you'll also receive alert when receiving an order or inventory is low via EasyStore Mobile App.

Mobile-friendly shopping cart

  • Provide an optimal experience, especially for our returning customers on the go shopping via mobile.


✅ Increase 400% sales within a month

✅ A climbing social media following of more than 12k

Expanded their market reach to whole Malaysia, from being a physical store in Petaling Jaya

Immediately, shoppers were loving the ability to enjoy click-and-collect pickup and cashierless checkout convenience without the need to travel far. This also means that orders are auto generated as long as your inventory is sufficient as merchants could eliminate the hassle of receiving orders manually. Thus, contributed to increased shopping frequency and incremental sales.

RC Deaf Mission Malaysia has achieved a new level in its online presence and continue establishing it's brand in Malaysia.

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