How to Choose The Right Keywords For Your Shopee Ads

By Sherynn Ooi from ShopeeXpert · 27th July, 2021

How to Choose The Right Keywords For Your Shopee Ads | EasyStore

Shopee's renowned ShopeeXpert, Sherynn Ooi shares on the topic: How to Choose The Right Keywords For Your Shopee Ads.In Sherynn's own words: 

The most important factor to consider when running Shopee Search Ad is what keyword we should choose to bid on. Wrong selection of keywords may get you a lot of unnecessary clicks, hence increasing your Click-Through-Rate without generating positive ROI. Always put yourself in your buyers' shoes. Imagine, they are looking for a specific product, what words will they type in the search box?

One of my students came to me after attending my class and showed me her ads results. Lots of clicks, not a single conversion! I have encountered this scenario many times and told her it is her wrong selection of keywords. She said that she had selected the most relevant keywords she could think of for this product.


Example product that she advertise: Gauze Fabric ClothKeywords that she bid on: Birthday, DIY, Gift Box, Tutu Skirt, Wedding

Imagine you are looking for gauze fabric cloth. Would you search for the keywords above? She told me this fabric can be used for birthdays, DIY crafts, gift box decoration, tutu skirt,s and wedding car decoration.


Please bear in mind, the purpose of how the product can be used should be specified in the product description; it is not recommended to use it as a keyword to bid on for search ads.

We want to be as specific as possible on the exact keyword that is highly relevant to the product that we are selling! If you are selling gauze fabric cloth - that is the exact keyword that you should bid on. It’s as simple as that! Highly relevant keywords will get you a good quality score, therefore lower your bid price to get a good average ranking. 

Vice versa, if you use irrelevant keywords, your quality score would be low, therefore you are required to set a higher bid price for that particular keyword. Irrelevant keywords will not get you anywhere except lots of clicks and burning of ads credit because that product is NOT WHAT SHOPPERS ARE LOOKING FOR. When they search for “birthday” and your ad pops up, they might think it is something they are looking for, thus clicking and finding out that it is there you go, costs you 1 click without any conversion.

Before I end this article, I would like to give you good keyword examples that you should bid for.


Example of product: School Bag for KidsGood keywords to bid on: School Bag, Beg Sekolah, School Bag for Kids, Kids Backpack, Beg Sekolah Perempuan, Beg Sekolah Lelaki (yes be very specific to the point of gender!)If you still have no idea what keywords to select for your ad, fret not, I've got you covered! The screenshots included are an example of the keyword - School Bag.[Refer to screenshot 1]

Go to Shopee's homepage, type "school bag" in the search box. These are the suggestion of keywords and bear in mind, they will appear in descending order (start with higher search volume on top to the lower ones), based on search volume for the past 30 days. There you go...need more keywords suggestions, fret not, I’ve got you covered!

[Refer to screenshot 2]

Type school bag [space] a school bag [space] b, school bag [space] c, and so on until you find all the keywords that are highly relevant to your product that you want to bid on. Remember to jot it down or copy-paste them somewhere. 


After you have done A-Z, select the most relevant keywords that you want to use for your ads, it's that simple Want more tips like this? Connect with Sherynn via Facebook page -