The Quickest Way of WhatsApp Selling in FMCO - WhatsApp/LINE Order Form

By Max · 6th June, 2021

The Quickest Way of WhatsApp Selling in FMCO - WhatsApp/LINE Order Form | EasyStore

"Can I place order here?"

"PM pls"

"I want to order this, and that"

"How much is this?"

"You missed my msg!"

and more........

These are a part of the questions you must have been receiving lately. We feel the pain, we do. To help you solve this, we implemented the new feature, WhatsApp/LINE Order Form, to our platform. 

What is WhatsApp/LINE Order Form?

It's a permanent link (e.g. ) that will lead to a form that displays your product catalogue, where customers can order and send you their order via WhatsApp/LINE. If they proceed to checkout, it will auto-create an order in your admin panel order page too. No manual recording needed. 

With this feature, you can have:

1. One-click place order

Some customers just want to talk to real human instead of bot chat. By using the order form, your customers can place order and talk to you OR directly purchase via WhatsApp/LINE in one click. 

2. Auto-create order 

Once your customers send their order to you, they will be shown with a link to proceed the order. They can directly continue making payment via that link, or wait for your message before they proceed checkout. Order will be created once they proceed to the link to checkout, and you can see the order in your order page listing. 

3. Auto-update payment status

If your customer has paid via payment gateway, the order will auto marked as paid, your customer will be notified too. No manual checking to verify the payment from customers, unless you're using manual payment method like bank transfer

4. Auto-capture customers' data

We help you to save your customers' data into your store each time they place an order. You will get the full access of their details that they filled up during the checkout and utilize it for your customer relationship, marketing promotion. 

5. Follow up with abandoned orders

Do not miss out any potential sales that coming in from WhatsApp and LINE. If a customer send you a message but did not proceed to checkout, the order will be stored in "abandoned checkouts". You can follow up with them through the contact details (contact number, email) they left on the page. 

6. Display All Images for Each Product (New Update)

Your customers can check all the images as what you uploaded. You can even show different images for different variants as the screenshot following:

How could a customer place an order?

1. Click on your WhatsApp order form link

2. Fill in the details and select preferred products

3. Choose the payment and shipping methods

4. Order is placed! And you will check it right from your admin panel.

Introducing Payment + Logistic Solution - Payex

Set up a payment method in EasyStore is as easy as our brand name. Choose your payment method: Manual or Auto payment. See the differences.

In this critical period, we suggest auto-payment by the payment gateway. You got no time to check your bank account to verify the customer's payment. Am I right? 

Our partner, Payex brings you the one-stop solution to cater for your payment and logistics at once. Payex features the most complete payment solutions, from the basic FPX & credit card, all the way to instalment plan and auto payment.


How does it work?

First, you will need an EasyStore account, with Standard or Business plan. If you're enjoying the free trial, you're able to use this feature too. 

Make sure you have set up your store with products, payment method, shipping method. Read our article to quick launch your online store.

Simply create a form and choose the products you want to display in your order form, then you can get the permanent link to share it with your customers. 

We have a full guide here. 

Let us summarize it:

1. Set up your store (guide)

2. Create a form (guide)

3. Share your link

We believe that this newly launched feature will be able to help a lot of sellers out there that struggling with "PM" orders every day. Get started now with a free account

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