How Cookie Crumbs Managed to Consolidate Orders Across Multiple Platforms Using EasyStore

By Faye Chong · 3rd November, 2022

How Cookie Crumbs Managed to Consolidate Orders Across Multiple Platforms Using EasyStore | EasyStore

Esther had no plans to start a baking business. Her initial plan was to finish her studies in New Zealand, visit Malaysia for the Chinese New Year holidays, then head back to New Zealand to look for a job. 

But, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the MCO (movement control order) imposed by the Malaysian government at that time, she was stuck in Malaysia. 

She has always loved to bake, and her friend asked her if she could bake some desserts for her — which she didn’t mind paying for. Although Esther took up the offer without charging her friend, she decided to start a social media account for her bakes. 

Esther started posting actively and running ads on Instagram, which gained many responses from interested customers. And that was how Cookie Crumbs started business in May 2021.

With EasyStore, Cookie Crumbs managed to:

  • Consolidate orders from InstagramShopee, and her online store on one dashboard

  • Reduce human errors from manually logging orders

  • Automatically arrange same-day delivery and pickup options

Manually consolidating orders: A hurdle to overcome

When Esther first started Cookie Crumbs, she wasn’t expecting such a high influx of orders coming in from her Instagram. Because of this, her solution at the time was to hire an admin to reply to new orders from Instagram.

The admin was responsible for logging incoming orders, writing down payment details, and keeping track of customer information. The admin also had to follow up with customers on their orders and answer any other inquiries they had. 

Cookie Crumbs also operated on Shopee and Lazada at the time — but a major problem Esther faced was logistics. She encountered a problem with arranging same-day deliveries on these third-party platforms, and thus had to do it manually. 

Unfortunately, such manual processes inevitably led to human error. There were times when her team forgot to update their order list, which led them to miss out on an order. Occasionally, they also got their customers’ phone numbers wrong and couldn’t contact the recipient when it came time for fulfillment. 

This all led to a loss in sales and complaints from customers.

Using EasyStore to automatically capture orders and simplify the ordering process

As Esther wanted to expand Cookie Crumbs further and start her own website, she didn’t want to keep having a repeat of customer complaints and missed out orders. That’s when she discovered EasyStore.

“Because all the information is now uploaded by the buyer themselves on EasyStore, there are much fewer complaints from customers.”

Esther, Founder of Cookie Crumbs

She’s now able to manage all orders coming from Instagram, Shopee, and her online website without any hiccups. She could also use EasyStore to arrange for same-day deliveries and pick-ups, which helped her generate more sales. 

Furthermore, Esther remarked that she managed to do away with the admin as she no longer had to reply to every new order. This helped her save a lot of time and additional expenses.

Now, customers don’t have to go through Instagram DMs just to place an order. As Esther simply shares a link with them that leads to her website, the ordering process has become shortened and simplified. 

With a few clicks, customers can easily make payments for their purchases on her website. This resulted in Cookie Crumbs generating more orders quickly and also accurately. 

Providing a seamless mobile online shopping experience

Aside from their online store, Cookie crumbs mainly communicates and markets their business on Instagram, FacebookGoogle Shopping, and WhatsApp. This is because Esther wanted to streamline the shopping experience for mobile shoppers.

“We know that most of our customers know of Cookie Crumbs because we run Instagram ads. This means they’re most likely on mobile, so we want to provide a good shopping experience for mobile users.” 

Esther, Founder of Cookie Crumbs

Thankfully, EasyStore’s themes are not only beautifully and professionally designed, but they’re mobile optimized, which is a major plus for Esther. 

Scaling her cookie business to greater heights

With business operations running smoothly and orders piling up, Esther has plans to expand her business further. Though she’s still looking for a suitable location, she plans to open a physical store where customers can walk in to purchase or collect their orders. 

With the help of EasyStore, Esther and her team are able to focus on attracting more customers and generating more sales without any hassle. 


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